“Breathing life into our rugs, we meticulously craft them with a focus on aesthetics and tactile experiences.”
“Drawing inspiration from everything nature has to offer, wide landscapes, fields of flowers, grasses, as well as fur, berries, stones and other organic shapes.”

Flare - LB325 | Shell - high pile - 100% high quality New Zealand wool

Liscio: the natural allure of eucalyptus

Liscio exemplifies quality, crafted from TENCEL Lyocell fibres
renowned for their botanical origin, sourced from eucalyptus
trees in FSC-certified forests. The transformation of wood pulp
into cellulosic fibers showcases high resource efficiency and a minimal
ecological footprint, making the fibre production exceptionally
environmentally friendly. The refined texture of Liscio, with its smooth Lyocell fibres, imparts a radiant shine and an irresistibly silky softness,
creating a luxurious, velvety surface for the rug. While the rug may exhibit seating or pressure marks due to changes in light reflection,
this characteristic is naturally reversible during use. Offering two tuft types - low cut and loop pile - Liscio allows for versatile combinations.
Tencel’s cool touch and superior moisture management make it stand out.
The hydrophilic yarn adeptly absorbs and evaporates moisture, reducing bacterial growth. As a result, a Liscio rug is well-suited for asthma
patients and those with dust mite allergies, contributing to a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Liscio - LB304 | Fossil - low pile - 100% eucalyptus

“Flare - effortless luxury of delicate combed woollen yarns, coupled with an infusion of timeless charm.”

Flare - LB329 | Russet - low pile - 100% high quality New Zealand wool

Flare - effortless luxury

Intertwining the exquisite combed woolen threads seamlessly,
the Flare rug’s surface reveals a rich hue that elevates
any interior with understated charm.
The result? A carpet radiating effortless luxury, infused with timeless elegance.
Crafted from premium 100% New Zealand wool,
the quality of Flare is embodied in it's two-ply yarn,
boasting a delightful soft sheen that is irresistibly gentle to the touch.
Wool, a breathable fibre, instantly imparts warmth and fosters
a favourable indoor climate. Beyond its tactile pleasures,
wool acts as a natural filter, extracting harmful carbons from the atmosphere,
and possesses inherent resistance to bacteria.

Basalt - LB318 | Laurel - low pile - 100% felted wool

Liscio - LB318 | Laurel - low pile - 100% eucalyptus

“Basalt - an homage to nature’s dense, dark lava flow rock. Picture it's surface, alive with a slightly uneven character, weaving a tale of subtle shadows dancing in the gentle light.”

Custom Elegance: Discover personalized rugs
with Longbarn’s versatile concept.

Longbarn presents a user-friendly and versatile rug concept.
With a range of five distinct qualities, available in one, two or
three pile variations, the options are diverse.
These qualities, offered in twelve nature-inspired colours,
can also be tailored to your personal palette.
Further personalization is encouraged with the option
to combine two or more qualities and/or colours,
subject to technical feasibility, allowing you to craft your own
uniquely bespoke rug.
Shape and size, crucial elements in the customization process,
are always tailored to the preferences of the customer.

”The artistry of a sophisticated palette lies in the twelve nature-inspired tones from the Longbarn collection, seamlessly intertwining with your interior space - a harmonious fusion where the outdoors and indoors become one.”

Basalt - LB319 | Clay - loop pile - 100% felted wool

“At Longbarn - Carpets & Crafts, we don’t just craft rugs; we tuft stories of individuality, tradition, and timeless elegance together with our beloved customer.”

Basalt - LB317 | Moss - loop pile - 100% felted wool

In collaboration with our cherished customers,
we meticulously shape one-of-a-kind carpets.

Embark on a journey of personalization with Longbarn,
where high-end materials converge with the skillful hands of our
artisans to create truly unique outcomes. We extend our guidance
to help you choose the desired material, size, shape, and colour,
ensuring that your rug becomes a bespoke masterpiece tailored
to your taste. Immerse yourself in a palette of nature-inspired colours,
each one carefully curated to complement modern needs.
Our in-house design studio and production facilities in the Netherlands
guarantee quality at every stage, providing you with a seamless
experience and an assurance of excellence.