We have partnered up with renowned specialist carpet/rug cleaner James to find the optimal cleaning & maintenance solutions for your Longbarn Company rug. Please find some important general pointers below.

V A C U U M   C L E A N I N G

It is important for the lifespan of your carpet to vacuum your carpet from the day of purchase at least once per week. Do this with an upholstery tool. Vacuum cleaners with an electrically driven brush or adjustable floor tool will cause irreparable damage to the structure of your carpet. With an upholstery tool dust and dirt will be removed most effectively from your carpet. With a new carpet, especially during the first few months, vacuum-cleaning causes lint formation. This does not damage the quality of your carpet; only a tiny fraction of the total pile weight is concerned. A full vacuum cleaner bag of 3 litres contains approximately 22 grams of lint. This amounts to 0,25 g/m²! Check at least monthly whether the dust filter should be cleaned or the vacuum cleaner bag should be replaced. During the first few months you should preferably check this weekly.

S T A I N   R E M O V A L

Stains should be treated preferably immediately, because stains always displease and give a sloppy impression. Please do the following:

S T E P   1

Immediately moisten a cotton cloth with cold water, wring it out and place it on the stain. Leave it in place, without peaking until it is dry. Never dab or rub with the towel on the stain, it can cause serious damage to the carpet. Never use soap!

S T E P   2

Are there after the stain treatment as described in step 1 still remains of the stain, then follow the instructions on the James Staindisc or the James website (http://www.james.eu/en/stain-solutions.htm). Via this link you can find approximately 1400 different stain solutions! James Stainwonder may, after drying, lighten the colour of your carpet a little bit. To avoid this as much as possible you should, once the stain is not visible anymore, cover the same immediately with a moist cotton cloth and let it dry as such. James Stainspray and James Water have been tested on our carpet qualities and can be used without a problem. James products do not cause re-soiling. Be aware of your underfloor where your carpet is laid or put on, because the products have not been tested on this material. Before you work with the James products be sure the carpet is completely dry.

S T E P   3

Is the stain not completely gone or do you have any doubts about the treatment, do not take any action at all and let the stain dry. Consult the James website (www.james.eu), mail to james@james.eu or call the James stain line for more advice, phone 31 77 327 80 08. James' products are for sale through domestic decorators, carpet and furniture stores and through the James webshop.

For interim cleaning by either yourself or a professional and more tips on how to maintain your carpet visit www.james.eu or call 31 77 327 80 08.

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